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Our History
Automobile Appearance

In May of 1970 two brothers from Boston, MA, Jerry and Vinny Mazzarella, decided to go into business together detailing cars. With a little assistance from their father they scrounged up enough money to purchase an ailing one bay garage detailing business in the hopes of bringing it back to life.

Hot Body Car Wax Logo Jerry's oldest son, David, learned from a very early age the value of a strong work ethic. He helped his father and Uncle build and run the successful family business before striking out on his own and opening a car wash and detailing center in the summer of 1999.

In 2005 the area that was being used for detailing at David's car wash was only a two bay garage. During the busy summertime months the majority of the vehicles being detailed had to be waxed outside in the direct sunlight.

Because it was very difficult for David to find a good quality car wax that could perform well in direct sunlight and in the heat he teamed up with a chemical engineer to have a product created for use at his detailing facility.

Over the course of that next year, David's chemist created and modified various car wax prototypes which David himself tested and evaluated at his detail shop under actual sunlight and heat conditions. Eventually, they arrived at a formula that met David's exact specifications.

David was looking to create a cleaning/protectant car wax with three principle missions in mind:

1. The product must be Environmentally-Friendly, Biodegradable, and Non-Toxic.

2. Must be extremely easy-to-use especially in the direct sunlight.

3. To create a single solution cleaner/protectant car wax that out performs anything currently available in the marketplace.

The product worked so well and was the finest cleaner car wax David had ever used he realized that his true calling lay in the manufacturing and distribution of his new Hot Body Wax® product and knew he had to introduce it to other auto detailers who could benefit from its quality performance.

The original formula for making Hot Body Wax® was patented in 2006 but when the formula changed in 2008, David did not choose to re-patent it again. The reason for this was simple: David felt that if he were to patent his formula it would become known to others and once the patent expires, anyone could use it. By keeping the formula a secret, David can protect his product and keep it to himself indefinitely.

In the beginning, David asked friend and marketing specialist, Carole Donovan at Image Boosters, to design a label for the new car wax. Not one to shy away from controversy, Carole came up with a visually intriguing logo bearing the name "Hot Body Wax" with the tagline "Give Your Car The Body Its Been Asking For". Carole liked the name because she believed sex sells and the use of sex appeal in the advertising would draw interest to the product. David agreed.

When the first batch of Hot Body Wax® was ready for market, David loaded up his little blue Hyundai Sonata and hit the road on a sales run. For several weeks he stopped at every detail shop and automotive retailer he could find from Boston to Miami, sleeping in his car, trying to interest owners in purchasing a case of wax. At first, many retailers were reluctant to stock a new wax with a "suggestive" label and no track record. A few, however, were intrigued by the catchy name and decided to give it a try.

Slowly, raising awareness through a grass-roots effort and word-of-mouth, praise for the new wax spread up and down the East Coast, and demand for the product grew steadily. Convenience stores and automotive shops that had originally declined to carry Hot Body Wax®, now called and asked to be included on the list of businesses David visited on his monthly sales runs. Soon, detailers and auto enthusiasts from the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Sweden wanted stores and shops in their areas to stock David's wax, and within a few short years, Hot Body Wax® reached a world-wide market.

Naming the product "Hot Body Wax" has led to some hilarious misunderstandings, alot of great stories, and many amazing letters and E-mails from satisfied customers. There are those who have been offended by the name and refused to purchase the product. And then there are those who read the label and smile with the knowledge that the world needs all the humor it can get.

Today, the formula for making Hot Body Wax® remains a trade secret. The formula is extremely valuable to David and his company as a secret. It would be all but useless to David if it were known to his competitors since they would all start to copy it. The ingredients are known only to a select few people within the Hot Body Wax® organization and the company takes special precautions to make sure that the formula does not get out.

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