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Hot Body Wash™ is a Concentrated Biodegradable Car Wash & Wax Soap.

Hot Body Wash Detailers Soap
Hot Body Wash Car Wash Soap

High-Foaming Soap - Cuts Through Dirt and Grime

Suds up quickly

Environmentally Friendly - pH Balanced - Biodegradable

Non-Toxic and safe for ALL surfaces


Contains 100% #1 High-Grade Carnauba Wax

Easy to remove - Rinses cleanly and thoroughly

Thick formulation and Smells Great

Hot Body Wash™ is blue

Note: To protect your automobile's vibrant, lustrous, showroom shine it is recommended that it be washed on a regular basis; ideally once every week. Factors such as an automobile's exposure to the elements, (road dirt, rain, snow, sunlight, etc.) may affect the frequency of application.

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