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Hot Body Wax Reviews and Testimonials!

Hello David,

As you may or may not be aware, I have been a member and avid blogger on Autopia.org for the past four years. To my surprise I happened across a disturbing tread on an Autopia page the other day denigrating and invalidating you, Hot Body Wax and your company which I was absolutely sickened to see.

I have known you and April for the past six years and always look forward to seeing you promoting your fabulous line of Hot Body Wax products at the weekend car shows in my area and especially at Mark's Classic Cruise on Monday night in E. Granby. Your enthusiasm is unequalled!

I believe that you and April always conduct yourselves and operate your business with the highest level of integrity. I served in the U.S. Army as a First Lieutenant during the Vietnam War and have been a successful business owner for over thirty years so I know a little something about character and that running a successful business is entirely based on character.

It always surprises me to see some of the ruthless and disgusting tactics jealous people will use to tarnish and smear good people and their good name.

This goes to show that you can't always believe the things you read on the Internet.

I have since closed my account with Autopia.org.

Please give my warmest regards to April.

Keep up the excellent work. Your products are the BEST!

Mr. Martignetti

Hello David,

In over 55 yrs of waxing cars (mine and friends etc.), I have never used any car care products that come close to the results I get using Hot Body Wax. I am honest when I tell you, I have been a salesman all my life (retired), Hot Body Wax does exactly what you say it will do. Please don't stop selling it.

~ Jimmy Bowden

Dale, TX

Hello Hot Body Wax,

It is show season, get your Hot Body Wax Express Detail! Back from Moab, washed and waxed and WINNING Best in Show at the NJJC Spring Fling with the help of Hot Body Wax! This stuff works! Look at that shine, even with all the trail rash, the Jeep still looks good!

~ Al Handy

Columbia, NJX

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

David greatly improved the look and feel of the weathered paint on half the hood of my red '62 Pontiac Tempest Lemans convertible 3 weeks ago at Mark's Classic Cruise in East Granby, CT. I finished using his Hot Body Wax product on the rest of the car just as a prospective buyer was coming to see it and bought it on the spot! Coincidence?!

Thanks David!

Salvatore Carrabino

Manchester, CT


I would like to express my gratitude for the development of your hot body wax product. We met about three years ago at the Simsbury Connecticut fly in, where I arrived in my Piper Cherokee aircraft. That day we had quite a bit of fun demonstrating Hot Body Wax on my airplane. Later I started using your products solely on my aircraft. I have used other products and after a single application I throw them out. I have watched other pilots wrestle with other "aircraft specialty" products just to get the bugs off the front of the wings. With your products it takes no effort at all.

I have been using wash, wax, and other products from you for over three years. One thing in aviation which I always promote to new student pilots, and I reiterate it to the older seasoned pilots is sustainability. I consider this in everything I deal with, and with it I am saved allot of hassle in many things. Since the Simsbury fly in I have had many compliments on how my airplanes appearance and upkeep are "Immaculate". Granted, in aviation it really is not how an aircraft looks, as we do not cruise them up and down the boulevard, but it means something when the owners of brand new aircraft comment on how beautiful my 1968 Cherokee looks sitting on the ramp next to theirs.

Beyond this there are factors which are very important to understand as well as the looks of an aircraft. One of these factors is that without the correct product used on an aircraft the paint simply washes off. In the three years of using your wax I have not had one occasion where I find paint on my wash rag. It just covers that well, and if it is this good for an aircraft, I could not recommend anything else for an automobile where the paint is completely different. To find this out I use it on my car and my wife's car. She always drives new and I always drive used, so I thought it would be a good contrast. It is, but the wax is the same, in three years it works great, always has and always will.

Steven Aulisio

Springfield, MA

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

WELL! As the kids would say? "Its a wrap"

I own a detailing shop here on the Jersey Shore! So one day I run across your site and I read about this stuff? Hot Body Wax! Yeah! Yeah! I know heard it all before? We have the greatest product since Jesus turned water into wine? So I'm always looking to find that perfect solution to the detailers problems? So I purchased the famous! Hot Body Wax! Oops! What the hell! So this old ugly 1997 black Acura pulls into the shop one day and you know the story, its not a car you want to detail! I'm thinking the guy should take it to Macco down the street! Its oxidized and faded badly and this guy can not pay me the money I'm going to charge him for even thinking about doing this car? Well here is Hot Body's chance? I went in and got the bottle, not knowing what the result was going to be? Right in front of the customer, I took a small amount of HBW and made a circle in the middle of his hood about 12", worked it in and buffed it of!

f! If I may say? " Water to Wine" The first out of my mouth was "Dam"! 3 hours later and $200 richer the customer was picking his new car up and he was very very happy! Nice job guys! You can only image the various products that is in my shop? and I reach for that product almost everytime? EZ On- EZ Off! Great results! I will be calling to discuss my next purchase in BULK! Thanks again!

PS: We are on the Jersey Shore and we put our HBW in a squirt bottle- its easier to work with in the shop! And one of my detailers wrote on the bottle with a Sharpie? "Its A Shore Thing" Wow how fixing is that! So you hear around the shop now? Hand me the Shore Thing? HBW!

Wayne Bolden
Bumper 2 Bumper
Neptune, NJ

Hi guys,

I was messin' around in the parking lot at work on a friend's truck that is covered with heavy oxidation. I used your Hot Body Wax product on half the hood and half the mirror and thought I'd send you a picture of the results.
No Comparison!
Now, I can't wait to go home and use it on my car!
Great product!

Thank you!

- Ray Stevensen
Boston, MA

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials
Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Dear David,

I used your Hot Body Wax on my son's truck. Heavy oxidation. Ran an inferior product next to it, and I could see quite a difference. Will need more soon... (did the '64, the 2002 pick up, and the kids today)
Quite tired.

Thanks Mucho

- Pete Rocco
Valley Collector Car Club

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Hello David,

I Purchased your Hot Body Wax product and decided to use it on my wifes red Subaru wagon.
I was very surprised to see the difference it made in the shine especially on the mirrors.

Thank you very much,

- Steve Brennan

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Hi David,

It was a pleasure meeting you and your team at The Syracuse Nationals.
I used your Hot Body Wax on my black VW. What a difference!!!
Great Product!

Thank you...

- Roger Meniero

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials


I bought your Hot Body Wax on-line and used it on my black Mustang.

I didn't think I had oxidation on my paint.

This picture states otherwise

Thank you,

- Sue Hanson
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Hello David,

Eventhough, I see you almost every Monday night at Marks Classic Cruise in E. Granby, CT, last Monday we met for the first time.

All of my friends have been speaking very highly of your Hot Body Wax product so I decided to test it out on my Black Chevy Blazer which was is desparate need of a waxing.

I was absolutely amazed at how easily it removed the oxidation and brought back the shine.

Look at the difference in the side mirrors...

Great Product!

Keep up the great work!

Thank you,

- Thomas Reily
Granby, CT

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Hiya Dave,

I talked to you at the carshow in Granby (ymca show)
I bought a gal of your glaze, Hot Body Wax and Hot Body Wax Express Detail.
I use Zaino products until now lol.
My car club noticed a difference in my clarity and gloss on the paint.
So I did a few of their cars and I think you'll soon have a few more converts!
btw I cant seem to find the glaze for sale on your website?
and lastly here is a pic after washing, Hot Body Wax with a porter cable 7424 DA polisher

- Harry Coon

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials


Here's the AFTER picture of my Benz...


Amazing Wax!

- Lynni Megginson
Gaithersburg, MD

Car Wax Reviews and Testimonials

Dear David,

Placed order with you on 5/6/09, received shipment on 5/8/09, complete with complimentary Hot Body car wash, terry towel and microfibre towel. What service!

Enjoyed telephone conversation with you on Wednesday 5/6/09 and appreciate the personalized service.

Thank You,

- Bob S.
Rumford, R.I.

"Finally, something that works! Do yourself a favor, learn from my trials and errors! Just get Hot Body Wax, don't waste your elbows, Hot Body Wax is much easier."

- Thomas Mind, Aviation Dreams

Hello David,

Thank you for the free sample of Hot Body Wax. I still can’t get over how well it worked on my 1956 Chevy. The shine it gives is incredible! I have not seen my car look this good in years. I can’t wait to tell all my friends about your product. Keep up the good work.

- Stephan S. Keen


I just recently purchased two bottles of your Hot Body Wax and two bottles of Hot Body Wash for my husband. I have been on him for over a month to clean our cars. He washed and waxed both cars last weekend and it only took him under two hours to complete the entire job! My cars haven’t looked this good since we bought them three years ago. We love your products. Thank you for your help in getting my husband Jim out of my kitchen and into the driveway!


- Suzanne Kiley

Hi David,

I bought some car care products from you at the Bristol, Vermont Car Show. Yesterday, I used them for the 1st time.


The Hot Body Wash left absolutely no water spots. I didn't even have to use anything to dry the car off. Then I used the Hot Body Wax. It went on smoothly and came off easily. My car was done in a minimul amount of time, and what a great shine!

I've been buying car care products for over 30-years. These are by far the best I've ever used.

I spread the word on my weekly radio show. A few of my listeners inquired about your e-mail address. I hope they followed through buying your products.

I know I'll be reordering sometime soon.

Thank you VERY much!!

- Lee


"I wanted to thank you for the car wash and wax. They are both outstanding products. I have washed and waxed three cars, and are extremely pleased with the outcome. I have used many high end products on my cars, but your products are far superior."

Best Regards,

- Paul Nevin

Hi David,

"It was a great pleasure meeting with you last Saturday at our annual auto show in Connecticut. Having you attend our show as a vendor brought a higher level of enthusiasm than we generally experience. Your eagerness and passion for automobile detailing is truly admirable. Our auto club has used Meguire’s car products exclusively for the past six years and it is amazing how much better your products work compared to theirs. We would like to begin using your products exclusively. So long Meguire’s… Hello Mazzarella’s!"

- Edward J. Burbon

Hi Dave & April,

"My wife Rose Ann and I had the jewelry table next to you guys at the classic car show in New Fairfield Ct. on Sunday. The job you did on my truck came out better than great. When I got home I finished doing the rest of the truck. I worked on it until dark. It seemed that the more I polished the better it looked. That stuff is the best I ever used. I am certainly not a professional and I like to take the easy way out, but using the wax is infectious as the better it looks the more you want to do."

"In my opinion, your products are the best I have ever used and your energy in marketing is a winning combination."

"Rose Ann and I hope that we can find you again out there. We had a great time with you and April."

"Good luck to both of you,"

- Jim & Rose Ann

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